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A-C Life

  • Health & Wellness: A-C Electric Company sponsors employees to participate in local area events such as Color Me Rad, Mud Factor Run, and more – we even get matching shirts!
  • Collectible Pins: We create collectible trading pins for every A-C event; Christmas Parties, fun runs, picnics, select training. To each event, we wear our pins and trade with others in a quest to obtain a full set.
  • 70 Years and Counting: In January 2016 the firm celebrated our 70th anniversary by taking every employee and a guest to Cambria, Calif. for the weekend. The event included daytime excursions, a dinner-dance party, and hotel accommodations at the Cambria Pines Lodge.
  • Longevity: Our staff turnover rate is practically non-existent. Folks stay and grow at A-C for years, in fact, we have 2nd and 3rd generation families working at the firm.
  • Newsletters & Social Media: Regular posts are updated to our company Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages celebrating milestones of the firm, our team, and their families. In addition, a quarterly newsletter is printed and mailed to homes with information such as home safety, health and wellness, current job openings, featured projects and more. (Read our latest edition of A-C Family Connection.)
  • Work Hard – Play Hard: August 28, 2019 we celebrated National Bow Tie Day.