Continuous Learning – A-C Careers

Continuous Learning

  • Integration Plan: Each new staff hire begins with a thorough training program (titled Integration Plan) emphasizing your first 90-days to learn processes and systems. Importance on the “why” behind processes, seeking to understand and beginning with the end in mind are concepts we demonstrate to immerse new hires into our company culture. We have found this diligent approach is much more effective than the standard practice of, “here’s your desk, good luck!” Completion of your Integration Plan is the collective responsibility of yourself, your supervisor, your mentor, and the Leadership Team.
  • Mentor Program: On your first day of employment at A-C Electric Company, you’ll be introduced to your Mentor, a current employee hand-picked for your development who will impart wisdom and share their own knowledge with you. The role of a Mentor is to provide guidance on corporate culture, organizational understanding and navigation, career consideration and other questions that may arise during the employees first nine months of employment.
  • Professional Development: Future development comes in the forms of formal training, job shadowing, book clubs and more. We utilize institutions such as FMI Corporation, American Management Association,, McCormick Corporation, and Rapport Leadership International.
  • AMP – Accelerated Management Program: Accepting applications annually, the AMP (Accelerated Management Program) is an educational journey through key strategies and initiatives to develop successful operation leaders. Throughout AMP participants will experience an extensive and inclusive education coupled with hands-on training in the areas of Estimating, Plan Detailing, Project Planning, Prefabrication, Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development, Business Development, Virtual Design, and Lean concepts and much more. Graduates of AMP will walk away with a deep understanding of how each process occurs individually and how these processes come together to facilitate successful projects. Whether your career goal is to become a General Foreman, Project Engineer, Project Coordinator, Estimator, Project Manager, Service Manager, Division Manager, or President, the AMP program is designed to ensure our collective future success.
  • Book Clubs: We support our culture of learning by providing opportunities to join (and develop) weekly book clubs as well as provide the books themselves. In addition, books become the property of the employee so he/she may mark pages and passages at will and refer to later.
    • Titles completed since 2017:
      • Start With Why, by Sinek
      • 2 Second Lean by Akers
      • Extreme Ownership by Willink and Babin
      • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey
      • The 4 Disciplines of Execution by McChesney, Covey and Huling
      • What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Goldsmith
      • The Phoenix Project by Kim, Behr, and Spafford
  • Our Favorite Books List: Recommended reading for those with a passion to flex your most powerful muscle… your brain.*
  • Learning Library: In each Division, a library of books including the titles listed above are available for all employees to enjoy, borrow and return as well as add their own favorite titles to share.