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Our college internship program develops competencies, skills, and provides useful experience for professional growth. The key goal of our program is to bridge the gap between formal education and practical work experience, therefore we include structured training, mentorship, and other development activities.  Whether you’re interested in construction management or web app development, there’s a place for you to grow personally and professionally with us.

  • Project Management/Administration
  • Virtual Design and Construction/BIM
  • Estimating
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development
  • Safety

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In Their Words

“Spending the summer at A-C Electric Company raised the level of expectation for companies I may work for in the future, and for myself.”  – Victoria Von Flue, Public Accounting student at Mercy College.

“Interning at A-C Electric Company has helped me bridge the gap from graduation and assimilation into the workforce. – Sandy Peters, Electrical Engineering graduate, CSU Bakersfield.

“Interning at A-C Electric company has exposed me to all the different job positions and how they all come together to run a successful business.” – Nico Lundy, Business Fiance student, University of Colorado at Boulder.

“As an intern working under Division B manager Rusty Stone, I have learned so much about Electrical Contracting and Construction through visiting many job sites, looking at blueprints, and attending many planning meetings. Throughout this internship, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that I will never obtain anywhere else.” -Benjamin Tan, Electrical Engineering student, Cal Poly SLO.

“I learned more in one day than a whole semester at college in regard to hands-on experiences at A-C Electric Company!  Love the continuous learning culture!”  Jasmine Chavez, Business student, CSU Fresno.

“My internship with A-C Electric Company gave me the opportunity to grow and learn beside some of the best in the business while also gaining hands-on experience that I could never acquire in a classroom.  In only a few weeks surrounded by professionals with genuine care, concern and commitment to the Company and to this internship, confidence both in myself and in my abilities have skyrocketed.  I am grateful to leave A-C with new friends, valuable skills and a competitive edge in the industry.”  Julianna Morton, Public Relations student, Arizona State University.

“Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. It’s only been four weeks but I’ve had so many great experiences and encounters; I would love to work at a company like this in the future.” Danielle Chatfelter, Architecture student, Woodbury University.

“This internship allowed me to explore my dream career through hands-on opportunities.  I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met, and I truly enjoyed every A-C team member I worked with. This internship showed me that I picked the right major!”  Cristal Ronquillo-Anzar, Electrical Engineering student from CSU Bakersfield.

“Interning at A-C Electric has been an exciting and diverse learning experience.” Steve Paek, Electrical Engineering student, Cal Poly SLO.

“As an intern has been eye-opening through the various aspects of A-C Electric Company I have been exposed to. The experiences I’ve had and the skills I’ve learned will help me succeed in “the real world” after graduation.” Mauricio Gomez, Electrical Engineering student, Cal Poly SLO.

“My experience has been fantastic with regards to ethics, time management, and trying to implement LEAN culture.”Andrew Stockton, Electrical Engineering student, CSU Fresno.

“When involving real-life events of communicating and building things purposely, A-C Electric Company has done a marvelous job at providing the correct mindset for business-oriented development and synergizing employees to efficiently manage workflow tactics in the future.” Brian Castaneda, Computer Science graduate, CSU Bakersfield.

“I really appreciated my time here at A-C.  I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.” Brenda Corral, Business graduate, CSU Bakersfield.

“The internship at A-C has benefited me greatly by allowing me to gain real-world software engineering experience and build a professional portfolio that I can use for my future job prospects.” Chris Kelly, Computer Science student, CSU Bakersfield.