Referral Program – A-C Careers

Referral Program

Much of our staff needs are fueled through the development of an investment in employees, however, even with our phenomenal programs, we’re growing faster than we can fill positions.  Our solution is to place a Bounty on the heads of key operational positions, and our current bounties are:

  • Senior Electrical Estimator $2,500
  • Project Manager $5,000
  • Service & Special Projects Manager $5,000

Know someone who could be a good match? Send us the names and contact information for folks who meet our current recruitment needs, and should your referral result in hiring the candidate, we’ll cut you a check!

We’ll Even Help You With a Message to Share

“I know of an Electrical Contracting Firm in California that has the rare opportunity to join their ranks at the management level. Generally known for growing their own, A-C Electric Company is growing at a speed that has outpaced its talent pool and is seeking experienced professionals who want to grow. 

Below are just a few reasons I can think of to investigate A-C further:

  • Hires only the best and brightest
  • Salary with a bonus at the top of the industry
  • Strong family values with a real work-life balance
  • Exciting work with growth and constant learning experiences
  • Total current and deferred benefit packages that exceed 90% of base salary over a career
  • Two profit sharing and one retirement plans with benefits fully funded by A-C that have averaged over 40% of annual salary (making millionaires out of many of our retirees)”

Send referrals to: